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Basmati Rice

At Elane Foods we deal exclusively in the trade of the most popular strand of Basmati Rice i.e. Pusa 1121. This breed of rice is considered as one of the most superior and most sought for qualities of Basmati Rice in the world for its outstanding qualities.

Characteristics of Basmati Pusa 1121

Pusa 1121 is a well derived variety of Basmati Rice created through a diligent process of hybridization over a lengthy breeding process. This breed of rice is renowned for its incredible kernel or grain length. This can be as much as 8.2 millimetres for a single grain, which is the longest known breed of rice released in the world.

Pusa 1121 has become widely popular with rice breeders and farmers, as it is photo-insensitive, requires much lesser water for growth and matures early. Even the yield is about 1920 quintals of paddy per acre in contrast to 910 quintals for the traditional breeds of tall basmati.

Basmati 1121 has high grain elongation ratio extending from 2 to 2.5, i.e. the length of cooked rice grain compared to the length of the uncooked kernel. Also when cooked, the rice does not turn sticky, and possesses minimum breadth-wise expansion. It is loved for its brilliant aroma and tempting flavour and also a higher cooked yield and is thus an instant hit across the culinary world.